Tech Suits To Put On Your Wish List This Year

Many swim enthusiasts will already know what tech suits are. They use a range of technologies to reduce the cut down on drag and improve oxygen efficiency.

Tech suits can also be referred to as racing suits or competition swimwear that enhances a swimmers overall performance. Most suits, if not all, feature a water repellent material which is often known as hydrophobic. This kind of swimwear significantly benefits swimmers. Here is a quick tip, by strengthening your muscles, it will help you stay straighter and float higher in the water. This essentially results in less drag and more powerful strokes when performing with a tech suit.

Here are a few tips to help eliminate drag and fix your stroke in the meantime.

Do Tech Suits Make You Faster?

The most popular question when it comes to tech suits, is do they make you faster? And although tech suits are unable to give you that boost of energy or strength you may need to beat your best score to date, there is a reason why various professional swimmers continue to use them and break a few records with them.

Other than being able to cut down on drag and improve oxygen efficiency, tech suits use compression in order to give a better and closer fit. This helps to improve circulation and therefore boost performance. They also lack seams, and because of this it makes them smooth and reduces drag even more so.

Traditional swimsuits on the other hand, are usually made of lycra - and this absorbs air and water, slowing you down in the water. A research study actually found that wearing swimsuits made of different materials can reduce or increase drag by an estimated 10-15% - being absolutely crucial if you’re an aspiring swimmer looking to claim your crown in the next championships.

Top Picks for Tech Suits

For The Men…

Tech Jammers

mens tech jammers

Arena Carbon Air Jammers in Black (left) – Featuring Arena’s newest carbon powerskin, they combine an innovative and technological design crucial for enhanced performance. The overall simplistic design boasts comfort and support where required. For improved speed, strokes and turns, these carbon jammers are able to come to your rescue at an affordable price too!

LZR Racer X Jammers (center) – Thanks to Speedo, these jammers might just be their latest innovation. They have been specifically designed by swimmers and with increased zonal compression that streamlines the body. This ultimately makes you feel your fastest with a combination of unique fabrics, stretch resistance features and targeted muscular compression.

If you’re a competition swimmer looking to get that edge over a potential rival, the LZR racer jammers provide performance like no other.

Adizero XVIII Freestyle Jammers (right) – For the freestyle swimmers looking for the next piece of swimwear that can take them to the next level. Adidas continue to design swimwear that makes a difference and boasts an eye catching design and style. These freestyle jammers are ideal for race days as they are designed to meet the strokes specific demands, as well as to provide kinetic chain and muscle system support which increases propulsion and energy.

Those are our top 3 picks when it comes to men’s tech jammers, let us know what yours are? In the meantime, it’s the women’s turn to shine.

For The Women..

Tech Suits

womens tech suits

Dolfin Lightstrike Flex Leg Open Back Tech Suit – Black.

Dolfin Lightstrike Flex Leg Tech Suit – Silver – Looking to make an impression in an important race? For power, speed and confidence, this women’s tech suit has features that can significantly enhance your performance. Lightstrike refers to years of biomechanics research, fabric innovation, active drag analysis and compression development.

You can expect a perfect fit, too! The Dolfin tech suit also features perfecta-fit micro sizing, torso control taping, power flex straps, fabrication of shell and lining, vibration control taping and variable compression. All of that whilst being comfortable and performing at your best? Amazing!

Available in grey and black – take your pick.

These are our top 5 picks when it comes to competitive swimwear for both men and women. There are various other tech suits available, including the range of the speedo fastskin suits, the powerskin carbon ultra from Arena, TYR Avictor tech suits and plenty more from the top brands across the nation. If you’re looking to view a diverse range, browse away! If you need further assistance, we’re just a call or an email away.