How To Stop Goggle Fogging

Goggle fogging is when fog forms on your lenses during your swimming sessions and workouts. The fog’s water droplets form due to H20 molecules’ ability to hold themselves very tightly together. Any moisture from your eyes or water that you’re swimming in will be warmed by your body. The humidity then condenses into water droplets because of the difference in temperature inside and outside the lens – ultimately causing fog.

For professional athletes, it’s essential that they have a clear vision when swimming, or else we’re quite sure they’d perform terribly without, just like any of us. Thankfully though, there are tips and tricks you can carry out in order to combat goggle fogging and the annoyance it causes.

Saliva – Yes, you heard right!

We know it doesn’t sound great, but it’s one of the most popular, cost-free options to prevent fog on your goggles. Saliva adds a layer of water to the goggles which prevent condensation from forming and therefore ruining your swimming session. You should use your saliva and rub some across the inside of your goggle lenses – don’t go too overboard though!

Although saliva is an efficient, easy solution, it is only a short-term solution – but then again, your own spit is always free!

man in goggles swimming

Anti-Fog Spray – Caters to all

Anti-fog spray is an easy to use spray that address goggle fogging effectively. There are many companies that provide anti-fog spray so take this as your reminder that going for the cheapest does not mean it’s the best quality. You only get what you pay for, as the saying goes.

This spray prevents fog from occurring while you swim and all you have to do is apply the spray to your goggles and once you’ve finished, clean them! It’s absolutely important to clean them after use, because if you don’t, the spray can find it’s way into your eyes, and it’s not something you’d want to experience willingly – it’s like when you accidentally get shampoo in your eye – it’s never good and doesn’t end well either. It’s also crucial to note that after you’ve finished your swimming session to rinse the goggles in fresh water as chlorine can be damaging to the anti-fog.

anti fog spray for swimming goggles

Invest in Better Goggles – Preferably anti-coating goggles

Believe it or not, better goggles result in better performance! Many swimmers have a range of swimming goggles – training goggles for well….training sessions and racing goggles for performance swimming. With anti-coating goggles, it prevents disrupted vision, allowing you to swim clearly with nothing to bother you.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution, this is it! Purchasing anti-fog spray every few months and having to ensure your goggles are thoroughly cleaned after each use can be a nuisance, so if you’re one that’s constantly in the pool, a pair of new swimming goggles will treat and serve you well. Most, if not all anti-coating goggles will also feature UV protection, so your performance won’t be affected by your own swimming equipment and accessories.

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Other Tips

If you're still struggling with foggy goggles, check out the video below for more useful and effective hacks! And if you require further assistance in choosing anti-fog spray or a new pair of swimming goggles which feature an anti-fog coat, simply get in touch with us and we'd be more than happy to help you reduce the problems you're facing in the pool.

Until next time, happy swimming!