Zealous Swimwear and Swimming Costumes

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‘Strength, courage, inspire’ is the mantra behind Australian brand Zealous which has shot to a position of prominence and industry respect in just a few years since launching in 2012.

Established by Queensland native Hollie Piper, with a dream to help inspire young people to get out into the water and be the best they can be. They create durable, fashionable items with an Aussie twist that comes from Piper’s background as an internationally commissioned illustrator who mixes her love of sport with specialities in illustration, digital graphics and conceptual art.

Swimsuits are produced using high-grade polyester with polyester lining. Unique artwork and vibrant colours give each piece its signature style, but quality remains the key priority. Reinforced stitching, enclosing any rubber in the swimsuit with binding materials, and superior colour fastness guarantees that even the most serious swimmer can get long wear out of them - both in salt or chlorine water.

Sitting alongside the swimsuit range are quirky swimming caps and anti-fog goggles.

So, if you are looking for long-lasting quality swimwear designed to avoid chaffing and rashes when being worn, and want to look great at the same time in the shape retention material, then try out Zealous.