Sailfish Tri Suits

The cliché about German engineering really does apply to sailfish’s open water wetsuits. Crafted with a number of technological features to increase buoyancy, delay fatigue and keep you streamlined, these tri-suits live up to the German brand’s motto - ‘made to make you faster’. Although the label only launched in 2007, sailfish’s CV is packed with awards and numerous Ironman Triathlon and world triathlon winners have swum to glory in their gear. Whether you are training for your first triathlon, are about to compete or are just looking to become more comfortable in open water, sailfish has competitive prices for fantastic quality and longevity. Check out some of our most popular items like the men’s G-Range wetsuit or the One wetsuit for women. Get in touch with us if you have questions or if you would like for us to arrange for you to try a sailfish wetsuit in our open water facility.
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