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The sailfish motto is ‘made to make you faster’ and since 2007 the German company has been doing exactly that. Set up by former Germany national team athlete and the fastest triathlon swimmer, Jan Sibberson, sailfish is synonymous with high-class triathlon and open water swimming products.

In less than a decade sailfish swimwear has been worn by winners of the Ironman Triathlon and the world triathlon, been awarded swimsuit of the year multiple times, and has sponsored some of the biggest triathlons out there.

Primarily, sailfish produces prized wetsuits, renowned for their flexibility, balanced buoyancy and incredible gliding properties. However, sailfish manufactures over 120 different products, and offers incredible value for customers with competitive prices for exceptional quality.

Sailfish employs a number of unique technologies and materials in their products. These include Zero Resistance Panels which allows you to swim effortlessly and efficiently; unique neoprene material with encased air cell matrix to increase buoyancy, ensuring optimum body position and delaying fatigue; Stability Panels utilising a special cut to reduce rolling motions of the hips to keep you streamlined in water; Avevia Super Dry for maximum flexibility; plus many more. Truly German engineering at its finest.