2XU Wetsuits

Australian brand 2XU creates some of the best and most highly rated open water wetsuits on the market. Mailsports’ partnership with the label means we can deliver you the best prices on their most popular items like the A:1 Active wetsuit range and the Propel wetsuit. Mailsports have sizes from extra small all the way up to large with everything in between, including garments for tall bodies. Fitting the right wetsuit for you can be difficult but our experienced staff can give you all the help you need. We can also arrange for you to try our wetsuits in our open water facility. Contact us for more details. 2XU provides exceptional quality and performance for all levels of open water swimmers and is endorsed by a number of professional athletes. Multiple world champions wear 2XU, so whether you are on your way to glory or just starting your open water adventure, trust in 2XU.
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