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Jaked’s rise to swimwear excellence has been meteoric in just a few short years. Marketing itself as a company independent from existing standards and conventions, bringing something new to the old traditions of swimwear, it is fitting Jaked was born on July 4, 2008.

At the heart of the Italian company is Francesco Fabbrica, working together with Patrick Cervizzi, Nadia Veronese and Paolo Fratini to completely reinvent competition swimwear. Their prototype swimsuit model JO1 soon set the brand apart from its rivals as it became a market-leader and led to an unparalleled sensational series of swimming records, medals and victories. Over 20 world records and 24 European records have been set by athletes wearing the JO1 suit.

Now an established international brand, Jaked is still best known for its incredible performance swimwear suits. A massive research and development team undertakes new projects, playing with new materials, designs and solutions to deliver amazing products.

Aside from competition and training suits, find first-in-class accessories from a company that truly has many of its competitors playing catch-up. Jaked isn’t just a company, it’s a project and you can be part of it. Jaked is ‘More than skin’.