Blue Seventy Wetsuits

Blue Seventy are leaders in technical performance products and their open water wetsuits are tried and tested in the wild waters of New Zealand. Kit up with cutting-edge quality triathlon wetsuits, specially optimised to provide that combination of fit, compression and performance. Their BreakingNero and NeroTX wetsuits have been lauded worldwide and have helped the brand become the official wetsuit of the Ironman Triathlon. Blue Seventy were the first label to research V02 technology which has since become a standard bearer throughout the wetsuit industry. V02 provides unmatched levels of buoyancy and lets you effortlessly glide through the water while remaining flexible enough not to restrict breathing. The wetsuits are super lightweight, made from a special warp multifilament treated nylon which is extremely effective at repelling water and reducing drag. Want more information? Get in touch with our staff who will be happy to help you. We stock plenty of open water wetsuits in our Buckinghamshire store too, so come and have a look if possible.

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