What Are The Different Types Of Swimsuits?

What Are The Different Types Of Swimsuits? 14/03/2017

And what suits which body type!

There are endless options when it comes to swimwear; all in ones, bikinis, trunks, board shorts. But knowing which type of swimsuit to purchase to fit your frame perfectly can be a head scratcher. Each type of swimsuit will work better with different shapes and sizes, and can be dependent on your chosen beach or water activity.

We’ve produced this handy guide so you can look your best on the beach this summer!


  • Monokini – Tall women will accentuate their figures with cut-out swimwear, showing off their long and slender waists will create a flattering look. 
  • Halter – Halters with bow detail will suit those with a rectangle shape body, drawing attention to the cleavage area, creating a voluptuous look.
  • Tank – Perfect for ladies with curves; try and settle with a solid colour, rather than patterns. The tank is also a great option for pear-shaped women who want to accentuate their upper half, downplaying attention on their bottom half.
  • Bikini – Petite ladies will look great in a bikini, giving their shorter torsos a longer look, showing off their belly.
  • Mayo – If you’ve got a big bust worth showing off, the Mayo style swimsuit will show off your curvy upper-half whilst providing you with support. On the flipside, if you have a smaller bust, for those with pear-shaped bodies, V-necks can make your bust look fuller.
  • Bandeau – Pear-shaped beauties can show off and give their legs the extra length with a high-cut brief. Showing off more leg can help make your legs look thinner and longer. Hourglass figures will also have a lot to show in a brilliant bandeau, emphasising their curvaceous busts and bums, with a nipped in waistline.


It’s not just women that struggle with choosing the right swimwear for them; men also incur these dilemmas, so here are some handy hints for men’s swimwear.

  • Trunks – Suited to men who have a little extra around their middles. Trunks are a great option to feel comfortable and look good, without the annoyances of elastic digging into their waists.
  • Board shorts – Gym goers will look great in a pair of board shorts, accentuating toned abs and six packs.
  • Swim briefs (speedos) – If you’re feeling confident, and want to show off that trim and toned body, opt for some briefs which will provide ultimate comfort and support.
  • Square-cut shorts or jammers – Jammers are a great option for active swimmers. Square-cut shorts are similar in nature, but provide a more conservative look for those that aren’t out for attention.
  • Wetsuits and dry suits – Mainly used for prolonged periods of swimming, such as snorkelling or scuba diving; an option for those who have toned buttocks and thighs, but don’t want to show off and bare all.
  • Rash guards – Ideal for surfer dudes. Rash guards provide a similar function as wetsuits, with a little more leeway for greater movements.
  • Swim shirts – An upper body version of rash guards, swim shirts give you the protection you need from the sun, and are ideal for casual toned bathers.