FX-Sport VRX Swimming/Personal Trainer Mp3 Headphones

FX-Sport VRX Swimming/Personal Trainer Mp3 Headphones



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  • Product Details
  • Product Details

    FX-Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sport Headphones with built in customisable personal trainer: complete with Silicone Skin Swimming Accessory + Swim cap making it ideal for your swim training and land training.

    World's first wireless, customisable personal trainer headphones. 8GB premium quality mp3 player built in. Text to Speech software voices album names to the user. Sweatproof/rainproof. Bass and treble settings. Custom speakers with superior sound quality. An extra embedded amp gives a more powerful depth of bass and volume.

    VRX Features

    • 8GB Premium Mp3 player built into wire-free sports headphones.
    • Upload “Real Coach Training Apps”, directly to the VRX. Training workouts with the voice of a real world class trainer, coaching and instructing the user through their session.
    • Trainer messages play at specifically designated times, to allow the user to still listen to their own music.
    • Upload to the VRX Headphones, free pre-prepared workouts from the FX-Sport Workout Store.
    • Custom make your own workouts.
    • Scroll through multiple workouts. All held on the headphones.
    • Water Resistant/Sweatproof and Wire-free.
    • Individual Track Change and Volume Control.
    • Text to Speech Navigation through Playlists.
    • Fast Forward and Rewind within an Individual Track.
    • Programmable Personal Trainer for Any Activity.
    • “Race a Virtual Athlete” Functionality [Pace and Race Modes].
    • Superior music quality. Bass and Treble Settings.
    • 5hrs battery life using all functionality.
    • Low battery “beep” indicator.
    • 3x faster charge time.
    • Latest firmware.
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