TriSlide spray- 130ml

TriSlide spray- 130ml

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  • Product Details

    Slip into your wetsuit with ease and prevent irritation and chafing with TriSlide spray, the anti-friction, anti-chafing and anti-blistering continuous aerosol spray, ideal for running, cycling and swimming.

    Sweatproof, waterproof and safe to share, spray TriSlide directly onto your skin, eliminating messy hands and slippery sticks. TriSlide spray eliminates all skin chafing, from your thighs and chest to your back, neck and under your arms, for optimum comfort and minimal irritation.

    Unlike other petroleum or vegetable based products that will disintegrate wetsuit fabric, the liquid silicone spray is safe to use with all wetsuits, from surf and scuba suits to specialist triathlon styles.

    You’ll be able to slip your wetsuit on and off quickly and comfortably with minimal impact on your race time, with the innovative spray which stays on for hours, without a greasy, slippery feeling. With no residue left on your clothes, simply wash off with soap and water at the end of your race or competition.

    TriSlide spray is ideal for eliminating saddle sores, or ‘chamois chafing’ when you are cycling or road racing. It also reduces blistering, irritation and hot spots on your feet whilst you are running, making it a must-have for any triathlete’s kit.

    • TRISLIDE comes in a convenient hygienic continuous spray application.

    • Non messy. Spray directly on skin.

    • Eliminates all skin chafing (neck, under arms, inner thigh, chest).

    • Combats Chamois Chafing found in cycling.

    • Significantly reduces hot spots and blistering on the feet while running.

    • Safe to use with all neoprene found in wetsuits (triathlon, surf, scuba).

    • Eases entries and creates super fast exits from wetsuits.

    • Completely sweat proof and water proof.

    • Lasts for hours and can simply be removed with soap and water.



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