Mens Triathlon Gear & Equipment

Jump into the open water in confidence with leading open water men’s gear and equipment from Mailsports. Build up your muscle mass, technique, confidence and stamina with men’s gear like compression shorts and tops, swim socks and hats. Our men’s triathlon gear, from brands like sailfish, 2XU and Zone 3, is not only streamlined but is designed to protect key muscles to avoid injury and let you train harder for longer. You’ll feel the benefits of high-quality gear constructed from the highest performing materials like neoprene, built for comfort and designed for professionals and recreational athletes alike. Also look no further if you need a decent bag to throw all your gear in. We have great rucksacks, smaller mesh bags and a range of accessories like swimming headphones, rehydration creams and moisturisers, and anti-chafing balms. Whatever open water gear you need, you’ll find it at Mailsports – The Swimwear Specialist.
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