Womens Triathlon Tops

We work with the leading triathlon brands to bring you the best ladies’ triathlon tops, whether you are a professional or recreational athlete. High-quality materials, cutting-edge design construction, and attention to detail right down to the thickness of the seals, all come as standard, whatever your current level. Experience fantastic comfortable garments from labels like Mako, sailfish and Z3rod, all with unique features. Choose bold outfits, sleek designs and stay dry and warm. Experience fantastic buoyancy, and fitted compression to protect your muscles, avoiding strains and helping you go harder and faster for long. We stock a number of different sizes and are always here to answer any questions. Phone our friendly team, send us an email, or pop into our huge Buckinghamshire store and see hundreds of items in all their glory. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so with The Swimwear Specialist, you get fast delivery and no-hassle exchanges or refunds as standard.

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