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We’re big on triathlon wetsuits so it’s only natural that we offer a strong range of triathlon clothing to compliment this. Covering women’s triathlon clothing, men’s triathlon clothing and juniors! We typically have well over 60 pieces of tri clothing in stock at any one time, suitable for all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking for women’s compression tights from 2XU, a kid’s usuit from Z3ROD or a men’s razor suit from Speedo, we’re confident we’ll have you covered. And we mean that – use the filters to sort triathlon wear by price, brand, size and even colour to find your perfect piece. It's our focus to help you find the perfect triathlon suit, triathlon tops, and all tri-gear currently out there.

Want more information on the tri clothes we hold? Check out our dedicated brand pages to learn more about each one. Have any questions? Just give our friendly team a shout by email or on the phone and we’ll be happy to help. And we’re not just a website. We have a huge store in Buckinghamshire where you can browse hundreds of swimming and triathlon products. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be able to tell you how, for example, repeated muscle vibration is directly related to causing fatigue, muscle damage and shin splints, and why that pair of compression calf guards is a good buy. Try us!

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