Triathlon Swimming Goggles

We recognise superior vision makes the difference, so our range of triathlon goggles have been carefully selected from the best brands in the business. These include Aqua Sphere, Arena, Speedo, Tyr and Vorgee, tri goggles used worldwide by leading athletes to help deliver elite performance. Goggles that give a wider sphere of vision can be vital. Vorgee’s open water goggles have ultra-vision lenses which offer greater clarity and wide angle vision, plus anti-fog injection capabilities. Or see Tyr’s Special Ops goggles which block horizontal sun rays on water. And goggles are so much more than just glasses for the water. Eye-catching designs, colours and lens tints can allow you to express your own style in the water. Our triathlon swim goggles are affordable and typically come with free postage. Buy with confidence as we offer a no-hassle exchange or returns policy. We cater for thousands of customers every month and we’re not just online either. Visit out Buckinghamshire store to see all our items and get any help you need either in person or give us a call or email if that’s not feasible. We are The Swimwear Specialist.
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