Mens Drag Shorts

Are men’s drag shorts swimwear, a training aid or a fashion statement? Well, here at Mailsports we don’t think it matters which as all our pairs give you all three!

From mesh low waist shorts by Arena, surf inspired designs by the likes of Z3rod and Maru and unique training items from FINA, we hold only the top brands in stock so you can be confident you can get the right pair in the right size. Remember, look sharp, swim better.

Build up your strength and stamina in the pool with shorts designed to increase resistance in the water, so you can compete at a higher level. Check out the finest drag shorts at affordable prices.

Not sure which is the best item for you or want to ask us a question about what we’d recommend? No worries, just phone or email our friendly team who between them have over 50 years’ experience in this field and we’ll give you all the advice you require. Or if you are in the Buckinghamshire area then visit over huge shop and see products for yourself!

You can be confident that we’ll live up to our reputation as The Swimwear Specialists.

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