Secure Shopping

You can shop with confidence that our site is 100% Secure.  At Mailsports we take security very seriously. Our secure server software encrypts (scrambles) all your card and cardholder details using a 128-bit encryption. This ensures that the information is stored and sent across the internet encrypted.

What is SSL?

The SSL (for Secure Socket Layer) protocol, is the de facto standard for encrypting communications that flow between browsers and web servers and vice versa. In fact, both Microsoft IE and Netscape Navigator as well as information servers such as IIS and Apache contain implementations of the SLL protocol.

Who uses SSL?

When you submit your credit card to purchase an item on a web site, your credit card information is most likely transferred to the vendorís web site using the SSL protocol. You can verify that a certain page on a web site is using SSL by either looking at the URL (if the page uses SSL the URL starts with https:// instead of http://) or at the bottom bar of the browser (if a 'closed lock' is displayed, SSL has been enabled).

SSL strengths: 40 and 128-bit encryption

SSL comes in two strengths, 40-bit and 128-bit, which refer to the length of the session key generated. The longer the key the more difficult is to break the encryption code. 128-bit encryption is approximately 3x1026 stronger than 40-bit encryption. Because the fee that companies pay to the Certificate Authorities varies with the strength of the encryption used, some web site administrators may set their servers to only require 40 or 56-bit operations. Most online banking transactions however are now secured by SSL using 128 encryption.