Sailfish - One Wetsuit Male

Sailfish - One Wetsuit Male



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  • Product Details
  • Product Details
    Product description sailfish one

    The sailfish legend – peak competition-quality suit offering superior buoyancy and outstanding flexibility.

    As sailfishs’ first award winning wetsuit the sailfish one is a living legend. In the past years the suit has been improved continuously and strengthened its position as a number one wetsuit.

    The sailfish one 2014 combines a new, fresh design with time-tested technology and materials. The sailfish Aerodome chest panel features an air cell matrix for more torso buoyancy and a optimum body line in the water. Yamamoto’s proven SCS outer material, complete with Nanoskin technology, gives the suit an extremely low drag coefficient. In combination with the highly elastic Ultra Soft Stretch lining, the sailfish one offers maximum shoulder and arm flexibility as well as optimum mobility in every other section of the suit.
    The ergonomically tailored leg and hip panels improve buoyancy and – in combination with the new Stability Panel Carbon Plus – increase hip stability. By avoiding excess hip rotation, the swimmer is automatically brought into a streamlined and stable form in the water.
    Moreover, the V-Power forearm panels bite into the water and provide for maximum arm stroke effectiveness during the underwater pulling phase.

    The sailfish one is an all-around winner and – with maximum flexibility and buoyancy – offers the perfect competition-grade suit for triathletes and swimmers with meticulous quality demands.

    Material: 100% Nylon bonded to neoprene
    Sizes: XS, XSL, S, SL, M, ML, ML+, L, XL
    W-XS, W-S, W-SM, W-M, W-L

    sailfish one product features at a glance

    Aerodome Chest Panel – Encased air cell matrix increases buoyancy and ensures an optimum body line

    SCS Nano Skin Neoprene – The surface material for extremely low drag and ideal buoyancy characteristics

    Ultra Soft Stretch Lining – Maximum flexibility for minimum fatigue and outstanding comfort

    NEW Stability Panel Carbon Plus – with carbon prints reinforced high-density neoprene material, optimizes body position in the water and prevents excessive hip rotation

    Ergo Fit Cut Design – Ergonomically tailored leg and hip panels enable a perfect fit

    V-Power Forearm Panels – For increased arm stroke effectiveness during the underwater pulling phase and optimum hydrodynamics when entering the water

    Grip Tight 3 Collar – Minimizes water infiltration with a comfortable collar seal

    Power Slide Zipper – Hydrodynamic design, for quick changes

    Heat sealed seams
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