PoolMate Swimmer's Shampoo - 200ml - black

PoolMate Swimmer's Shampoo - 200ml - black

Product Code: Poolmateshampoo-200ml-black
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  • Product Details
    New Formula

    As regular swimmers we found our hair getting coarse and dry from the pool. We had trouble finding a product to help, so we decided to make our own!

    • Chemically binds with and removes chlorine molecules and odour
    • Removes the metal ions that cause green hair
    • Suitable for pool and sea swimmers
    • Multiple moisturising agents help reduce breakage from harsh environments
    • Safe on coloured or treated hair
    • Mild enough to be used every day
    • Luxurious coconut aroma loved by men, women and children
    We researched the best chlorine binding agents and improved our formula to bring you a quality shampoo that really works.
    The Problem:
    Chlorine dries out your hair by breaking down and removing the natural protective oils in the hair and scalp. If not removed it will weaken and damage hair permenantly by becoming brittle dry and prone to breakage. It also attracts metal ions such as copper, iron and manganese which gives coloured hair a greenish tinge.
    PoolMate swimmer’s shampoo contains several active ingredients to remove chlorine and chlorine odour from the hair that ordinary shampoos just cannot do.
    Suitable for both pool and sea swimmers, PoolMate swimmer’s shampoo is ideal for holiday use. It removes mineral buildup from salt water and moisturises against the harmful effects of sand and sun.
    The Solution:
    Sodium thiosulphate and our other anti chlorine agents chemically bond with chlorine molecules and remove them from your hair along with the chlorine odour. Sodium thiosulphate is found naturally in hot springs and has numerous medical applications from anti fungal treatments to cancer therapies.
    Coconut oil has been used in Asia and India for centuries as a hair treatment. As well as coating the hair to reduce breakage, it has been shown to be absorbed by the hair shaft and reduce protein loss and water and chemical penetration.

    Directions: Lather, rinse, repeat if required and follow with your favourite conditioner.
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