Events Calendar

We'll be in attendance at the events listed below, offering advice and a full range of products.  Do keep checking the site as events are continually being added.  If you have a particular requirement please call us on 01628529206 and we will happy to take it to the event.  If you at a club and would like Mailsports to bring along our shop to compliment your swim meet and earn your club commission; drop us a line on

November 2019

22-24 Wycombe Open Meet

23-24 Haverford West Wales

December 2019

7-8 Gt Yarmouth

8 Luton

15 Bexley 

15 CMK Christmaas Cracker

21-22 Hillingdon

Jan 2020

4-5 Kent Weald Gillingham

4 Crawley open meet

We don't just bring a few Goggles and Caps but full sizes of race suits (and the knowledge to fit them), accessories, Bags and around 4 double

rails of the latest and best swimwear from all the Brands you love.

 Gala Sales

 Gala 2