Swimming Towels

When is a towel not just a towel? When you buy your towel from Mailsports. We have a great selection of towels from all the leading brands, each offering you something different. So go ahead and dry in style with one of these hot products.

If you’re looking for a traditional swim towel that does the job, but at the same time makes you stand out from the crowd, then check out some of the flamboyant offerings with a loud Australian twist from names like Funky Trunks and Funkita.

Arena also have big and bold statement towels, while you can’t go wrong with Speedo’s chic range. And if you are looking to compromise on size to fit in your bag, but not absorbency, then try the magical microfiber versions from Aquasphere or Swans.

Many of our towels are sold with free delivery and if you can’t see what you want or you have any other questions then please email or phone our friendly staff and we’ll do our best to help you out. We’re not just online either - we stock 1000s of items at our Buckinghamshire store - so if you’re down our way, come and say hi.

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