Swimming Stopwatch

Monitor your lap times and track your performance with a specialist swimming stopwatch. Able to time in minutes, seconds and 1/100th seconds, a swimming stopwatch should be water resistant. If you wish to monitor your previous times and track your improvement, choose a memory stopwatch function, which recalls your lap times and cumulative lap times.

The running time shown on a swimming stopwatch display should be the cumulative lap running time, whilst functions such as stroke rate and pacer timing are also useful. The stroke rate is used to calculate your total strokes per minute, whilst a pacer can be used to set a required stroke rate.

Popular with swimmers and coaches alike, Fastime swimming stopwatches are available in a wide range of designs, from basic stopwatches to lap counter swim watches. Water resistant with a maximum lap memory of 500, plus optional stroke rate and pacer features, you can even track up to four swimmers simultaneously with models such as the Multichron swimming stopwatch.

Finis swimming stopwatches feature a dual split memory, which allows you to review cumulative and lap splits simultaneously on the clear LCD screen. The constant review feature allows you to review the current memory whist taking splits, without the need to stop the watch.

Measuring up to ten hours by 1/100th of a second, these specialist stopwatches automatically calculate stroke rate, allowing you to see the first and second finishing times in the same view.

The durable lithium battery provides approximately 5 years of use.

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