Maxwell Swimming Club

Maxwell Swimming Club
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Maxwell is the top competitive swimming club in the  Aylesbury Vale.  They have training bases in Aylesbury and Buckingham, and their professional coaches work with swimmers of all abilities to make them the best that they can be, ready for competition at club, county, regional, national and even international level.

The club operates a squad system which will guide and mentor children on their swimming journey. From entry into their Academy (2 hours per week) through to the Performance Squad (up to 20 hours per week) the swimmers are trained using the latest scientific techniques.  Their athletes will improve their technique, build fitness and develop their competitive abilities within a balanced programme, promoting and enhancing involvement and enjoyment of all sports.  Swimmers start at Maxwell following Stage 6-7 of the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming.

Swimmers at Maxwell must be prepared to dedicate time to consistently attend their allocated sessions and be prepared to work hard when they are at training. In return the athlete will always be the winner – fitter than you thought possible, finely developed competitive instinct, outstanding stroke technique, all learnt while enjoying time with like minded friends. Maxwell’s swim program is designed to develop excellent life skills such as determination, team work and time management. As with all elite sport, their swimmers will learn to deal with success and disappointment but they will always have fun and be treated as an important part of something very special!

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