Zone 3 Wetsuits

Buy best of British with Zone3. Their wetsuits are some of the best around, winning awards and rave reviews across the globe for their designs and performance. What’s their secret? - James Lock. Lock was a national standard swimmer and runner and is a previous winner of the World Aquathlon and a World Biathlete Champion before embarking on an engineering degree at university. Graduating with first class honours, Lock set up Zone3 using all his sporting experience combined with his new engineering skills to create open water tri suits prized for speed, comfort and strength. Zone3 is one of the most exciting triathlon brands worldwide and we’re delighted to be able to work with them to bring you their cutting-edge items at the best prices. Get free delivery on our Zone3 tri suits and a no-hassle exchange or refunds policy. Each month we sell thousands of open water products. Become a satisfied customer today.
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