Zone 3 Triathlon Gear & Equipment

Zone3 open water triathlon gear has won multiple awards and plaudits since the brand launched in 2007. It’s already one of the most established triathlon and open water labels in the world, despite its young age. Founded by a previous winner of the World Aquathlon and a World Biathlete Champion, who also graduated with a first-class degree in engineering, Zone3 open water products marry cool aesthetics with technical brilliance. Each item is produced with a specific goal. Take the women’s Aquaflo Tri Suit. Rather than just fit existing men’s products into women’s sizes, the brand listened to feedback the UK’s best female triathletes, taking their advice on how to make the item even better and more comfortable for women. The result? A bestseller and multiple awards for quality and value. Buy the best British-made tri wear, buoyancy shorts, tri suits, swim socks and more today. We love this brand and are confident you will too.
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