Zone3 Tri Suits, Triathlon Clothing and Equipment

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Started in 2007 by elite athlete James Lock, Zone3 has swiftly established itself as one of the most successful brands on the market and year after year continues to be recognised in the highest industry reviews for speed, comfort, pricing and innovation.

Lock was a national standard swimmer and runner who won the World Aquathlon and World Biathle Championships before starting triathlon at the famous sports college Loughborough University.

Graduating with a first class engineering degree, Lock was armed with in-depth knowledge of the triathlon world and began designing a range of products to not only help fund the costs of competing as a triathlete internationally, but that would improve his performance.

Comfort, speed and durability are at the heart of the Zone3 brand and they have flourished since launch, winning numerous awards to cement their position as one of the most exciting triathlon brands on the planet.

Their range of tri-suits, and clothing and equipment like skull hats, swim gloves and swim socks, have been developed from spending a huge amount of time researching and testing cutting-edge materials to ensure their customers and sponsored athletes are using the highest performing construction technologies and materials on the market.