TYR Triathlon Suits

If you are serious about entering a triathlon, but also want style and flair, then TYR is for you. Their tri suits are famous for their unique designs and durability - fitting as ‘TYR’ is the Norse god of heroic glory. Built to last with the fastest and most advanced technologies, plus sculptured fits and beautiful aesthetics, such precision engineering makes TYR’s tri suits a winner. The founders, swimwear designer Joseph Di Lorenzo and 1972 Olympic Medallist Steve Furniss, foresaw the shift in the healthy lifestyle culture and the embracing of exercise and the ‘keeping fit’ mentality which is so popular today. As a result, they target and cater for recreational triathletes, as well as more serious open water enthusiasts. Affordable tri suits, created by passionate people and worn by the best, means TYR remains one of our most popular labels. We are here to answer any questions you may have about any items, and we offer free delivery on most items.
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