TYR Triathlon Gear & Equipment

TYR is one of the hottest brands in the competitive swimwear market and Mailsports stock a wide range of TYR triathlon and open water products. Our offering includes fin flippers, backpacks, wetsuits, race suits, swim hats and goggles. Swimwear designer Joseph Di Lorenzo teamed up with 1972 Olympic Medallist Steve Furniss to launch TYR in 1985 and the brand has become synonymous with creativity, quality and performance, trusted by elite and recreational open water swimmers across the world. Sleek designs, vibrant colours and pioneering designs (just check out the beautiful Special Ops Goggles to see what we mean) allows you to bring your own style to the water. You can read more about TYR, and see our full range of TYR swimwear products, on its own dedicated brand page on Mailsports. If you have any questions about our TYR open water products please contact our friendly team. We’re happy to help.
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