The Runner's Wall

The Runner's Wall
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Whatever you call them - ‘racing bling’, ‘hardware’ or simply ‘medals’ - as athletes we all have them. What do they represent?  We believe that every medal has a tale to tell, not just of your race but so much more. No matter what it is, your medals represent the dedication, discipline and sacrifice that you go through to achieve your goals.

Countless hours of training, those early morning starts in the pool, on your feet, on your bike or in the pool. Your medals encapsulate your journeys. Your journey is starting up, preparing and finishing. Your journey does not stop when you cross the finishing line, it continues. Every individual's journey means something different. Every medal reflects your journey and they are something to be proud of. Crossing the finishing line at the 2011 Amsterdam Marathon (seconds behind my brother!) I looked at my Garmin which confirmed a new PB. That feeling of elation and joy was unrivalled and when I received my medal it felt as though I had won the entire race! When I took it off and hung it on my bedroom door handle to join the rest of my medals I realized that they (and I!) deserved allot better. They were all achievements to be proud of and I wanted them to have a better place to live! And so ‘The Runners Wall’ was created. Now I see them displayed in a great way and as a constant reminder to me of what I am capable of. Not only do they look good, but they definitely help me get out there and train on those harder days. I’m pretty sure they are all allot happier hanging proudly up on the wall rather than under the bed, in a shoebox, at the back of a drawer or even hanging on a door handle.

So, where do you display yours? Be proud of what you have achieved and give yourself the motivation to go on and achieve more. Whatever your goals don’t hit The Wall; use it to hang your achievements.