Swim Spray

Swim Spray
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SwimSpray was established in 2012 with one simple mission - to make the swimming experience better, safer, and more enjoyable for the entire swimming community.

Chlorine is a bleach and makes an excellent sanitizer which is why it’s used in pools across the world. But chlorine can also bond to your hair and skin and is commonly linked to itchy, dry and irritated skin and dry discoloured hair.

Unfortunately, regular shampoos and soaps don’t provide a remedy as they are not designed to break the bond between chlorine and your body.

SwimSpray was developed to provide the solution to these problems. 100% owned and operated by swimmers, the product uses a patent-pending vitamin C technology to neutralize the chlorine and remove residual chlorine that can damage and irritate your hair and skin.

It’s the first product to remove chlorine from your body in a safe, gentle, and all-natural way. It prevents your skin from getting dry and becoming itchy or irritated. SwimSpray prevents discoloration and leaves hair feeling soft and moisturised.

SwimSpray is completely natural. It’s fragrance-free, sulphate-free and doesn’t use artificial colours, plus you can use it with your existing shampoo.