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Splash About is the leading manufacturer of baby swimming products worldwide. They've over 25 years of experience in designing and inventing many of the swimming products now taken for granted and used every day in swimming pools all over the world.

The most well known Splash About invention is of course the multi award winning Happy Nappy, which was launched twelve years ago and remains hugely successful both in the UK and across the world. It is still recognized as the only nappy design to help protect against faecal nappy leaks in pools and is now insisted upon by over 90% of swim schools in the UK. Tens of thousands of babies wear a Splash About product to swim every week!

Splash About are very proud of their groundbreaking products and the Splash lab continues to work hard with the swimming industry, including the ASA, the STA and business owners to ensure babies and toddlers can swim in comfort and safety. Their mission is simple, to continue to provide innovative, robust and great looking products for babies and children.