Sailfish Triathlon Wetsuits

‘Made to make you faster’ is sailfish’s motto, a claim that is backed up by the quality of their products. Their wetsuits have been worn by the best in the business, including multiple winners of the Ironman Triathlon and the World Triathlon Series. Jan Sibbersen, Ironman record holder and a former German national team athlete, certainly knows what it takes to push yourself to the limit. He turned his attention to triathlon and wetsuit in 2007 and the brand has quickly become synonymous with top of the line produce. It, therefore, comes as little surprise that sailfish have won Swimsuit of the Year multiple times. Thanks to their Zero Resistance Panels, users are allowed to swim effortlessly and efficiently. Utilising unique neoprene material with an encased air cell matrix to increase buoyancy, this design ensures optimum body position and delays fatigue.
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