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Renowned for their exceptional optical quality, Sable swimming goggles are favoured by competitive swimmers, professional triathletes and leisure swimmers alike. Optical specialists recommend Sable for their prescription and non-prescription swimming goggles, due to their comfort and precise optics.

Ideal for wear in, on and under water, Sable swimming goggles are made from durable, lightweight polycarbonate, which is chemical resistant and virtually unbreakable. The renowned anti-fog capacity of Sable goggles relies on hydrophilic action, designed to prevent any misting or fogging whilst you’re in the water. Combined with optical precision lenses with aspherical and flat lens technology to minimise distortion, you’ll have the clearest vision throughout your race or swim.

A choice of nose bridge widths - narrow, medium and wide - ensures a comfortable fit. The soft, ergonomic silicone gaskets reduce pressure on your eyes and the flexible, non-slip strap keeps your goggles securely in place.

Sable competition swimming goggles are designed for performance swimming. The low profile fluted frame and HD lenses provide exceptional ergonomic capacity and the clearest vision. Patented ‘Flatlens’ technology eliminates ‘swimmer's headache’ by eliminating underwater distortion.

Available in a choice of colours, the blue mirror and smoke tint styles are also available with prescription lenses.

Sable training goggles are ideal for all water-based activities, from the odd leisurely length in the pool to a demanding training session. Only available with prescription lenses, your vision won’t hold you back, with prescription lenses available from -1.50 to -10.0 - the strongest lens available in swimming goggles.

In a choice of frame colours and two lens finishes - blue or smoke tint - your goggles can make as much or as little a statement as you wish.