Mako Swimwear and Swimming Costumes

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Mako Nordic has taken the swimwear world by storm since launching in 2009 and boasted 14 Olympians wearing their products at London 2012, including gold medallist Nicola Spirig.

The outcome of hard work from founder Jeremie Chapon and his friend and two-time Olympian Jessica Harrison, Mako was built on their desire to create the perfect triathlon wetsuit.

Named after the deadly shark, Mako makes completely unique swimwear and accessories by ignoring current products out there and testing and developing their own ideas and innovations. Using the best materials they can get their hands on, Mako designs its products from scratch and closely guards their secrets.

The result if an eye-catching range of swimwear and accessories. Chapon’s nous for product development is perfectly married with Harrison’s passion for graphic design.

So if you want truly one-of-a-kind swimwear products from a rapidly-growing and internationally-respected brand, then Mako is a perfect choice. An emphasis on perfection and giving complete satisfaction to the buyer is a strategy that is paying off big time for this organic brand.

Whether you are new to the pool or want to take your performance to the next level, Mako delivers.