FINIS are rolling out an agreement program across the UK to work with clubs and to help coaches to coach better and swimmers to swim faster. 

It is an agreement where we like to think everybody wins and a program that will benefit all parties involved. 

·  The Coaches

o The coaches wins as we'll provide a coaches support pack.

o We will help to unify the clubs pool deck so the coaches can coach efficiently and effectively- note we wouldn’t recommend changing all kit cart blanche at a stroke!

o We will educate parents on the key products the coaches would like to use so they understand what the coach is trying to achieve during a session

·  The parents/ swimmers 

o The parent wins as they can access the products at a special price.

o Become educated on how and what the coach is trying to achieve during sessions plus a greater understand of the coaches needs.

·  The club 

o The club wins as we can run a swim clinic with a FINIS athlete FOC, dependent on level of take up.   Potential to be either an Olympian, Commonwealth Champion, World medallist, World champion, 2016 Olympian medallist?? The swim clinic will be at  the cost of FINIS and free of charge to the club.

o The club has the potential to earn commission on all sales.


o Our win is to help swimmers to swim better using our products and to support increased brand awareness.

It doesn't matter if the swimming club has 40 or 400 members, Finis and Mailsports looking at supporting as many clubs as possible. 

As part of the program, Mailsports and Finis would come down to meet the coaches to work with them to design their wish list (which can include loaning a Finis coaches box prior with examples of all the equipment).

Once the wish list has been created, Mailsports and Finis will present it to the club/parents along with a shop and an in pool demo of all the products. 

For more details click here to send an email and we will come back to you asap.

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