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Dryrobe® The Outdoor change robe™, was designed by Gideon bright, a North Devon UK based surfer with over 30 years experience in the water. Growing up in Cornwall & working in graphic design, until a bit part in a movie called 'Blue Juice' led to London, where he worked in the film industry for 15 years before relocating back to North Devon.

"The first Dryrobe was based on an idea my mum had when I was about 16. Genius idea! That thing did some changes over the years. I decided to try & develop the old waterproof & windproof ‘cape/robe’ idea to see if I could re-work it into a 'real' product. While working on Dryrobe I created the Drywrap, a hands free change towel with a Velcro waistband. It was our first product to go on sale early in Nov 2009. It was without its problems and it took a lot of effort & help from too many people to name here but the rest is history." - Gideon The Tri-Series Dryrobe® Advance™ has received high praise since its launch in 2013 & has become a very familiar around car parks in the UK's best surf spots & on the back of the best UK Pro surfers & cold water athletes from all over the world. It has become an essential companion for open water swim training for triathlon & virtually all outdoor sports have embraced the concept, & benefits, of staying warm while changing outdoors.

Technical input from some of the most respected swim & triathlon coaches, including, coach Joe Beer, Paul Newsome (swimsmooth.com) & Dan Bullock (swimfortri.com). Warmth while changing before an event, after racing or hanging about outdoors is the core concept.