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Introducing Brodie Skin care – active skincare for active people. Alison Brodie tells her story...

"I can’t believe I’ve done it! I’ve finally found a face cream that suits my skin and my lifestyle. How and where did I find it? Well, I had to make it for myself! And now I’d like to share it with you.

I have sensitive skin, which requires lots of tender loving care. I also have an active lifestyle – I enjoy running, cycling, swimming and tennis. Plus, between you and me, I’m not getting any younger. I find that when I run, the heat and sweat makes my skin sore, with dry patches. My skin takes ages to cool and calm down after exercise. I love exercising but was struggling with the effects it was having on my face.

My background is in Biology, (BSc Hons form Nottingham) and I was a Forensic Scientist for over twenty years, so I thought ‘I can solve this’. Hence, ‘Brodie Skin care’ was born and I’m proud to introduce our first products which combine the science of skincare with the unique needs of sports and exercise enthusiasts like me.

Anyone who exercises outdoors knows that there’s a downside to getting that glow that comes with improved blood flow. Exposure to the elements robs your skin of vital moisture, leaving it dry, tight, sore, chapped, itchy, flaky and dull. The act of sweating brings toxins right up to the skin’s surface, with salts and acids also affecting the delicate pH balance. It’s not a great combination for any skin type, and it’s especially tough for people like me with skin that irritates easily. So, after researching the effects of exercise on skin and based on my own experiences, I designed a cream to help my skin recover and repair. Recovery Phase Rehydration Cream is the result, packed with active ingredients for an active lifestyle. Keeping things natural is also very important to me.

My research has really opened my eyes about what products contain and just what we put on our skin. The first thing I do now is turn to the back of a packet and check what’s in it. For Recovery Phase it’s just as important to me that it doesn’t contain any bad stuff as well as all the good stuff it does have. So whilst you’ll find a full list of what’s there and why on my ingredients list, what you won’t see is all the nasties other products contain like alcohol, paraben preservatives, petroleum or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

I also insist on no animal extracts and my products will never be tested on animals. Recovery Phase Rehydration Cream has been such a hit with friends and family – certainly not all sporty types, and with the full range of skin types too – that myself and the Brodie Skin care team have already developed Recovery Phase Swim, to tackle the additional skincare challenges faced by those who love to take to the water for exercise or fun. I’m very proud of our first products, Recovery Phase Rehydration Cream and Recovery Phase Swim. Here at Brodie Skin care, we all hope you’ll love them as much as we do. And this is just the beginning…"