Bounce Natural Energy Balls

Bounce Natural Energy Balls
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Bounce Energy Balls are great-tasting, energizing and nutrient-dense foods you can eat at any time to get the most out of your day and help you feel good.

They’re an amazingly convenient and tasty way to nourish your body, satisfy your hunger and sustain your energy.

Bounce will never compromise when it comes to nutrition. They source only the highest quality ingredients. Everyone has an important role, whether for taste, function or nutritional value. So there are no nasties - just delicious, beneficial ingredients throughout.

The story started in Australia over 10 years ago, with husband and wife team Andy & Paula Hannagan. Their passion in life has always been helping other people to reach their full potential. Andy was a personal fitness trainer and business coach; Paula was also a personal trainer and life coach. Together they saw the need for a truly healthy, super-nutritious and genuinely tasty snack and Bounce was born. Their mission at Bounce is to inspire positive change in the way people eat, think & live – through great nutrition, leading an active lifestyle and being mindful and caring of others. It’s a powerful way of being that’s gaining momentum.