Blue Seventy

Blue Seventy
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Most people know that 70% of the Earth is covered by water and that was the inspiration behind New Zealand-based company blueseventy. Their mission statement is to enhance the swimming experience for anyone wearing blueseventy products.

Having been founded as Direct Innovations back in 1993, the company went from creating neoprene bike covers to developing one of the first triathlon wetsuits.

Success came swiftly as they became the official wetsuit provider of the Ironman Triathlon and then developed the first V02 wetsuits clinically proven to improve V02 performance. The blueseventy brand launched in 2005 with an open water accessory line with Helix wetsuits and improved goggles.

They are now an industry leader in technical performance products, with an unrivalled obsession for speed, design and improvement. The latest modern textile fabric technology, advanced ultrasonic welding and unique patterns offering the complete combination of fit, compression and performance can be seen in their incredible breakingNero and neroTX ranges.

It’s some of the most effective super lightweight swimwear out there at repelling water and reducing drag. Their exclusive fabric is produced using a warp multifilament treated nylon, with a particularly thin yarn count, resulting in an amazing compressive, hydrophobic material.

Swim faster with blueseventy.