Aqua Sphere Prescription Goggles

Featuring a revolutionary lens replacement system, Aqua Sphere prescription goggles allow you to customise your swimming goggles to suit your individual visual needs, ensuring you can see perfectly in the pool. Ideal for leisure swimmers, competition racers and triathletes, your vision will no longer hold you back.

With 180-degree wide-angle vision and Aqua Sphere's signature high-comfort Softeril seal, the one-piece construction comprises a hypoallergenic silicone skirt and fixed nose bridge frame, with the option to choose and interchange both the right and left lens.

Provided with a pair of clear non-prescription durable polycarbonate lenses as standard, you can simply switch these for your chosen prescription lenses, for the same or different powers in each eye. Should you not need prescription lenses, you can simply enjoy your swim with the standard clear lenses in place.

The scratch resistant lenses feature an anti-fog coating and 100% UVA and UVB protection, to protect your eyes and ensure your vision is crystal clear throughout every swim, whether in an indoor pool or outdoors during a triathlon.

The easy to adjust buckles and secure double head strap made from flexible silicone provide the perfect fit, allowing you to enjoy your swim without worrying about securing your swim goggles.

The sturdy plastic carry case protects your goggles in your swimming bag, ensuring they stay in pristine condition ready for your next swim.

In a choice of two colours - transparent with blue trim or fully transparent - choose your goggles to match your swimwear or be all-but invisible.

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