Amanzi Swimwear and Swimming Costumes

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Australian company AMANZI specialises in manufacturing chlorine-resistant swimwear for both competitive and recreational swimmers. Priding itself on creating functional and extremely durable pieces of swimwear, yet at the same time making fashionable products with unique style and personality, their beautiful collection has something for everyone.

AMANZI is renowned for their 100% Italian polyester pieces, ensuring maximum chlorine resistance. Be confident in your purchase knowing your new swimwear will keep its original shape and bright colour for a long period of time.

A team of designers work to give each piece of their range a distinct personality, through vibrant colours, prints and patterns. The cool aesthetics aren’t limited to swimsuits, though. Just check out their popular range of patterned swim caps to see what we mean.

And you won’t be alone in wearing AMANZI. They sponsor talented athletes across the world, including Olympians, triathletes and junior world champions. The ‘AMANZI Girls’ as they are known help market this ‘brand of champions’. So whether you swim in your free time or have grander aspirations, AMANZI's built-to-last range will serve you well, while the bold colours and prints will inject a bit of fun into even the most mundane of morning swims.