Why You Should Try Water Aerobics

spaWater aerobics is a physical activity which takes place in water. It’s a low impact pool workout and thanks to the buoyancy of the water, it means it’s easy and gentle on your joints.

It is a fantastic choice for those who don’t like the thought of intense cardio workouts, which is why it’s incredibly popular with older adults. So, you can say no to the treadmill, and the personal trainer who has been on your back (quite literally) ever since you stepped a foot in your local gym. And instead, go to your local swimming centre to experience the benefits of water aerobics and the calming notion it can have on your mind.

Builds Endurance

Even if its not your end goal, the activities you perform in the water help build your endurance for swimming laps and other physical activities. Due to the natural resistance of the water, it supports the joints to encourage free movement, which essentially is what helps to build stamina and strengthen muscles.

Weight Loss

If you’ve been looking for a low impact exercise that doesn’t actually feel like exercise, water aerobics sounds like it was made just for you. Although there are other activities which can burn calories much quicker, it’s important to note that ANY type of physical activity is beneficial and you should participate in it at a rate that suits you. It’s estimated that water aerobics burns around 300 calories per hour, this is however, based on the average adult.

If you want to lose weight, a joint effort between regular exercise and a healthy diet is the most effective way to achieve the results you desire.

Low Impact

Water aerobics is an exceptional exercise for those who suffer from joint problems such as arthritis or trapped nerves. The low impact on the joints makes it easier for people to exercise and be comfortable and relaxed with their body, whereas if they were to take part in a sprint, it would not be good for the body at all. However, it’s argued that due to its low impact that aerobics doesn’t actually build lean muscle mass or help build strong bones efficiently. This is not the case – this can be achieved if you integrate weight bearing exercises into the pool and into your overall routine.

Aqua Aerobics

Increases Flexibility

The best type of exercise to build flexibility throughout the body would be yoga and Pilates, however this is designed for the gym and workout enthusiasts who can handle physical activity and what it can do to your body. If you’re on the cooler side of things, where you want something that isn’t too extreme and doesn’t require too much hard work, water aerobics can help. The co-ordination of exercises in the water helps increase flexibility and your range of motion. The resistance of the water contributes greatly to this, as you’re constantly pushing and pulling through it.

Within time, you can enhance your ability to perform more advanced exercises in the water and on land!

What Areas Does Water Aerobics Target?

This of course, is dependent on what time of exercise routine you perform and at what level you feel comfortable at. If you’re new to exercising, water aerobics is the ideal choice to get started. You can however, custom your own water aerobics routine to suit your level and what you’re comfortable at to test and train your body. Ensure you're using the correct equipment and are properly equipped with the right swimwear to enhance your water aerobic journey.

The core – It works the core as many aerobic exercises and routines include lunges, lifts and other moves that work the core muscles
The arms – The arms are probably the main part of the body which experiences a full workout in the water as they have to be used frequently. Moves like the underwater bicep curls or weight bearing moves help tone the arms
The legs – Jumping jacks, walking and jogging in the pool are popular moves in aerobic classes and help strengthen the muscles
The glutes – You can tone your glutes with lunges, squats, leg kicks and much more in the water!
The back – The workout helps strengthen back muscles and is effective in reducing pain and stress in the back

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