Top Swimming Events 2020

As the Earth completes another length around the sun, and we get ready to dive into the new year, it’s time to start planning participation in some of the big swim events in 2020. Whether you are new to swimming or a seasoned professional, there’s something for you on this list of swimming events.

New Year's Day Swim, Salford, England, 1 Jan

Start your year with a plunge into the sea, getting cold shock therapy others may pay for at a spa for the low price of travel and the sacrifice of personal comfort with the New Years Day swim in Salford. Plunge into the icy English coast with the mindset you want to experience the whole year with. Anyone who can swim can take part in this family friendly swimming event.

Winter Swimming World Championships 2020, Bled, Slovenia, 3 to 9 Feb

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The stunning landscape of Bled becomes the backdrop for an equally jaw dropping test of endurance. Professional and amateur open water swimmers flock to the icy Lake Bled, surrounded by snow tipped trees and mountains, to prove their mettle against this notorious challenge, and each other.

Red Bull Neptune Steps, Glasgow, Scotland, 21 to 22 March

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For those unfamiliar with canals and the locks used on them to raise boats from one height man-made river to the next, they are not supposed to be swam in, and falling into one can be dangerous or lethal. So of course Red Bull sponsors a death-defying daredevil race up not 1 but 7 locks in what they call “the UK’s toughest open water swimming event”. Over 1000 people pay to take part each year, and early bird tickets are already sold out to this part swimming, part obstacle course worthy of the name Neptune, god of the seas.

2020 Olympics, Tokyo, Japan, 24 July to 9 August

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Without a doubt the world stage of sports, the Olympics, grants the often overlooked sport of swimming an international platform and it is often the Olympics that spur new waves of recruits to swim teams and clubs around the world.

FINA Swimming World Cup 2020, International, 4 Sep to 1 Nov

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Starting in Singapore and ending in Budapest, the FINA Swimming World Cup is THE swimming world cup, with total prize money worth over 2.5 million and the worlds greatest swimmers facing off, breaking records and winning titles.

International Swimming League, Worldwide, 1 Oct to 31 Dec

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Back for its second year after an explosive start in the world of competitive swimming the ISL championship final will feature the two best swim teams battling it out for the title of best swim club. This is a great chance for professionals and spectators to see the latest and greatest in swimming.

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Here at Mailsports we have swimming gear for every event, whether its goggles for swimming competitions or ear plugs for the open seas, and we look forward to helping you make waves in 2020.