Swimming Costumes 2020: 3 Most Popular For Men and Women

With such an overwhelming variety of swimming costumes to choose from for both men and women, it can be helpful to know what’s hot and what’s not. Luckily all the swimwear featured on Mailsports has been carefully selected as the best on the market by our team of swimwear experts, for both competitions and leisure. However, we want you to be able to make an informed decision when purchasing our swimming costumes, so we have shortlisted the most popular swimwear on the site below. You’ll want to know the most popular swimming costumes for one of three reasons: checking out the trends, finding a great swimsuit to buy, or making sure you don’t but one that everyone else is going to be wearing.

3 Most Popular Men’s Swimming Costumes

1 - Men's Powerskin Carbon-AIR² Jammer

This is a great swimming costume for competitive swimmers. Featuring innovative fabric technologies that boast maximum speed, comfort and flexibility, it is a firm favourite with professional swimmers of all styles. There are other colours and pattern combinations available that are also popular, but this is far and away the most popular style we stock online.

Find out more about the Men's Powerskin Carbon-AIR² Jammer here.

2 – Men’s Sunset Strip Funky Trunks

Funky Trunks do exactly what they say on the tin. Whilst they may not be worn in competitions, even if they were FINA approved, they are covered in funky patterns that catch eyes and turn heads. Therefore, these are perfect for that summer holiday you’ve just booked. This style of men’s swimwear is incredibly popular at the moment, so you will be on trend with any of the vast variety of patterned Funky Trunks.

Find out more about the Men’s Sunset Strip Funky Trunks here

3 – Men’s Flaming Vegas Funky Trunks

The third most popular swimming costume for men so far in 2020 is another variation of Funky Trunks trendy swimwear. The bold colours again are perfect for drawing attention, making these great for bold and daring individuals.

Find out more about the Men’s Flaming Vegas Funky Trunks here

3 Most Popular Women’s Swimming Costumes

1 - Women's Powerskin Carbon-Core FX Open Back – FINA approved (Ocean Blue)

This is one of the most advanced swimming costumes ever made. It has brought many competitors gold medals with its special combination of advanced taping techniques that increase lift, intensify support and improve core stability, allowing the wearer to soar into the lead. Added flexibility and breathability comes from a fabric architecture that allows the ultimate range of motion and long-term muscle compression that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

Find out more about the Women's Powerskin Carbon-Core FX Open Back – FINA approved (Ocean Blue) here

2 – Ladies Strapped In One Piece - Zinc'd

The second most popular ladies swimming costume is a classic Funkita design one piece. The relatively plain design accentuates the street art stylised branding, making an impression that says the wearer appreciates sophisticated simplicity and understated design, unlike most swimming costumes. You’ll be sure to draw attention and compliments in this stunning swimsuit, which features “the strappiest back” Funkita offers.

Find out more about the Ladies Strapped In One Piece - Zinc'd here.

3 - Ladies Painted Pink Tie me Tight

Another stylish piece from Funkita rounds off the most popular list. The brands iconic, ironic style gives the swimsuit a back story along the lines of them inventing the zebra crossing before they got into swimwear. The funky animal-inspired print is a sure head turner that will make you the envy of your mates during that girls trip this summer. Just don’t let them borrow it, you’ll never get it back!

Find out more about the Ladies Painted Pink Tie me Tight swimming costume here.

They Are All Great

It can take a long time to find the perfect swimming costume, but we hope that seeing these popular choices will help you figure out which one, or two, to get. We are always adding new swimming costumes to our extensive ranges, so keep checking our site for the latest and greatest swimwear!