Summer Swimwear Picks

Although we might be experiencing a very British weather like summer, we must take the opportunity when the sun comes out and when it actually stays out.

For those who are still enjoying their summer holidays, we have some top swimwear picks that you should pack in your suitcase when you’re jetting off to Spain, Egypt, or even Portugal. Go wherever the sun takes you, literally.

With fashion it means there are always new trends, new styles and new patterns that people thrive on. Luckily, the same goes for swimwear too! And we must admit, the floral shirts for men and floral bikini’s for women seem to be a lifelong trend and popular choice for your summer wardrobe. Whether you’re going to be lounging around the pool, or in your back garden catching the rays before you head back to a week of work, we’re confident you’ll love our summer swimwear picks just as we do.

For the Women

Swimsuit season is well and truly upon us, and for the women it’s a great opportunity to top up tans and find new swim trends to try. Retro is on its way back, and high waisted bottoms have already made their comeback. Are we going back to the 80s? The all in one swimsuits are incredibly popular with those who are looking to make a statement by the pool, we all have our own preference, so whether you prefer a 2 piece or an all in one, we’ve got you covered.

The Tropical Tie Back One Piece
Looking for an all in one swimsuit piece that just screams summer? Nothing helps more than tropical prints and florals. This piece is 100% chlorine resistant, so you can spend as much time in the pool as humanly possible. It’s quick to dry which makes it ideal for post swim comfort and is made from premium quality material so it is designed to last.

tropical all in one swimsuit

The Animal Print Piece
The popularity gained from animal prints is something that we believe will never go out of style. From zebra prints, to leopard prints, snakeskin and plenty more, there’s a print for every style and budget this summer season.

the animal print swimsuit piece

Crystal Wave Sports 2 Piece
Pop some colour in this two-piece swimsuit thanks to Funkita. The style offers a great blend of bright colours which is perfect for the summer. This piece features a separate under bust elastic and double bind shoulder straps to maximise support. This is great choice for those who enjoy swimming and require support.

crystal wave swimsuit

For the Men

Although for men, choosing swimwear is a lot easier, there are still many styles, trends and designs that greet us each summer. We understand that mastering fashion trends in every day clothes can be a task, so we’re making your swimwear shop that little bit easier. You can nail a cool, trendy inspired look by the poolside this summer, and we’re about to give you a few trends to try out. So, put your packing on hold for a few minutes, and ensure your poolside attire is one that others will envy.

Go Bright, or Go Home
The Nike Core Emboss swim trunks definitely pop some colour, which is exactly what you need this summer season. These swim shorts give you extreme comfort and ultimate stretch, so you can enjoy messing about in the pool, or lounging about at the poolside.

nike swim shorts

Try Stripes
We’re not talking about going for stripes on the adidas logo, which is a common occurrence amongst the young men. Striped swim shorts are a no brainer for this season, they provide a classic, trendy and modern look. In particular, white striped shorts are one of the biggest trends this year, so we’re going to need you to get searching online, or to your nearest swimwear shop in town to enhance your swimwear wardrobe.

Embrace the Flowers
Just like women’s trends, the flower power trend will always be in. I don’t think it could be shoved out of the trend circle even if Regina George said so herself. Botanical prints can work with any gender, and if you’re a bit unsure whether to hop on this trend, just try them out if you’re a bit print shy! They provide a fun and vibrant look when you’re on holiday, which is exactly the vibe you should be giving off.

flower swim shorts for men