Get Back in the Swimming Pool During Covid-19

Covid-19 has been hard on us all, but with the R rate lowering and businesses starting to reopen we are pleased to inform you that Swim England have announced pools will be opening in safe areas again soon. 

Like businesses and retail, however, stringent plans have been put into place to ensure that the pools are being used in a safe and sensible manner. Whilst guidelines are important to protect us from catching Covid-19 they are also essential for our mental health which is why they should be followed. 

Swim England have made it very clear that when leisure centres reopen ‘it will not be a case of ‘business as usual’ and that we must do everything we can to protect the NHS and the country from a second wave. To this end, when centres do reopen, latest government guidance and regulations must be followed. 

The guidance set out by Swim England is essential for Operators User Guidance, Users, Swimming Lessons, Community Swimming and Clubs.



Mailsports advise that you wear the best equipment that you can purchase to ensure you are safe. This includes wearing goggles that fit properly, swim hats that are comfortable and consider appropriate snorkels for swimming pools. The best does not always have to be the most expensive. Mailsports provides high-quality swimming equipment at competitive prices and always aims to provide pleasing discounts for our new and returning customers.



Swim England have made it clear that social distancing must be followed and clubs and users must prioritise the safety of everyone around them. This means that users must pay extra attention to their personal hygiene and safety whilst clubs must complete risk assessments and provide the necessary PPE required for their members. It has been recommended that clubs should have a designated officer. More information about what is expected of clubs can be found in the Swim England guide.

It is likely that centres will operate on reduced hours i.e mornings will be reduced and certain activities may be reduced to maintain social distancing. 

The guide makes it clear that users should arrive ready to use the pool to reduce the amount of time required in the changing rooms. This can be as simple as arriving with your swimming outfit already on underneath your clothes - this is something many already practise so is likely to be an easy transition. To facilitate social distancing, one way systems will be put in place. This is something that has been successfully implemented in supermarkets.



It is essential that leisure centres make the required changes to help with social distancing. As such precautions will be put in place such as fewer swimmers in narrow lanes and less swimmers to be within pools that create large waves. At the same time it is essential that all club members adhere to hygiene requirements mentioned in the guide. This includes safe use of the changing rooms, sensible use of doors and entries, disposing of any rubbish responsibly and arriving with clothing and equipment that is fully cleaned.



Sports and activities have been approved to go ahead, but it is important the rules in the Swim England Guide. Most of the rules in the guide are closely related to social distancing and hygiene in the normal swimming pool. There is an emphasis on individuals having their own space and ensuring that movements are sensibly limited to avoid creating waves that could impact others in the pool.

Water Polo During Covid-19



Of course, we are very happy to hear that the pools are reopening and wish everyone good luck when reentering the pool. We must say that you should be conscious of your own opinion before reentering the pool. Whilst swimming is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mental health if you are currently struggling with stress or anxiety because of Covid-19 we highly recommend you wait a few weeks. However, if you are confident and want to reenter the pool as soon as possible, we encourage you but urge you to be very sensible and ensure you have the best equipment available for protection.

Covid-19 may have given you the time to plan your next life challenge. We have received many calls from people looking to take on their first triathlon. As such they have asked about open water swimming and what they need to perform to their best. We are always happy to discuss and help beginners and can guide you when it comes to nutrition, equipment and what brands are best suited for you.