Best Swimwear Brands for Kids

Looking to know which swimwear brands are the best?

Teaching your child to swim is extremely beneficial for them when they’re young, it not only provides a range of physical and mental health benefits, but its educational too. If your child is a lover of the water, or even if they’re a beginner, then you’re going to want to know which swimwear brands best meet their needs. It not only comes down to high quality, durability and flexibility, but also comfort and affordability.

We’ve compiled a list of our Top 3! And believe us when we say that it was very difficult. Shall we take a look?


Amanzi is an exceptionally popular brand that really live by their slogan – “look good, swim fast”. The Australian sports swimsuit manufacturer specialise in chlorine resistant swim suits and equipment to maximise and develop performance in the pool.

The Amanzi swimwear collections are designed for the most active and competitive swimmers, so if your child is into the sport and wants to get more out of it, Amanzi will suit them perfectly. Their colourful and bold designs really make an impression and stand out from the crowd. Most, if not all of us like to look good out of the pool, so why should it be any different when we’re in the pool being active?

Want to know our Amanzi favourites?

This one is for the boys swimwear range – The Fanatic Jammers. The boys fanatic jammers feature quirky and wacky designs all over, ideal for boy swimmers who spend a lot of time in the water and require a comfortable but versatile fitting pair of swimming jammers.

And for the girls – The Aurora One Piece. The girls aurora one-piece swimsuit radiates light and rainbow colours which ultimately create a dreamy night sky look and feel. It’s one of our favourites amongst all of their unique swimwear designs.

Amanzi Fanatic Jammers (Left) The Aurora One Piece (Right)
Amanzi Fanatic Jammers (Left) The Aurora One Piece (Right)


Funkita is yet another Australian swimwear brand known for being funky with their designs. With similar designs to Amanzi, they are quite popular for children and adults, with each season bringing about new, eye catching designs that look great in water. Funkita evolved from Funky Trunks and they have managed to build an identity of freedom for children and all different kinds of swimmers.

Specialising in the design of chlorine resistant swimwear, Funkita cater to girls and women who are most active and on the move. The swimsuits and activewear are source from premium Italian fabrics which is what makes them stylish, durable and most of all, comfortable.

Our Funkita swimwear top pick for girls is the skull swim strapped in swimsuit! A vibrant and rather fabulous one-piece swimsuit which offers a comfortable and flexible fit. This swimsuit is ideal for training and leisure, it’s definitely one to add to the favourites list!

funkita swimwear


Arena swimwear provides a range of swimwear and accessories for both men, women and children. Their technology and designs produced in recent years have been incredible, and they are well known when it comes to competitive and performance swimmers. It’s no doubt that Arena swimwear constantly keep up to date with the latest trends and technology in waterwear design.

The Arena swimwear range for children is quite exceptional, with swim wear providing maximum muscle support and promoting freedom of movement. With comfortable fitting swimwear, what more could you ask for? Although Arena excel in every aspect of swimwear, training tools and accessories, the brand is suited more towards competitive swimmers.

Our top picks for Arena Swimwear

For boys Arena swimwear – Limited edition boys powerskin ST 2.0 Jammers. These boys swimming jammers are hydrodynamic and feature a cool, bold design with geometric patterns. The jammers are ideal for swimmers of any level, they’ll be sure to experience the comfort and quality they possess.

And for the girls – Limited edition full body powerskin ST 2.0. The beautifully designed full body swimsuit for girls features advanced technology and a design that will catch a few eyes and turn heads! The swimsuit includes resilient shell fabric and lining that is able to compress strategic areas.

arena swimwear

The Best Swimwear Brands

There are many other swimwear brands that could better suit your child, it all depends on personal preference, swimming needs and what you’re looking for overall. So, whether you’re looking for swimwear for competitive swimming, or maybe you’re only looking for swimwear products for leisure use, we can help, and so can the brands we stock.