5 Must Have Swimming Accessories

No matter what kind of swimmer you are, whether you specialise in freestyle, the butterfly or the backstroke, there are some essential swimming accessories that should be in every swimmers bag. Although this could be different per person depending on their focus and their preference, we’ve compiled a list of the most common accessories, and how they are able to enhance your performance overall.

Many swimmers invest in accessories in order to develop their techniques and this can be achieved through training aids. However, with ever growing technology that continues to take the world by storm, we’re quite excited to see what that means in the world of swimming. One thing is for certain though, is that we wouldn’t be able to achieve our full potential in the pool if we didn’t have the right swim gear with us. This goes from jammers, tech suits, goggles and lots more. So, with that being said, here are the must have swimming accessories for your bag.

1.Training Goggles

swim goggles
Training goggles are possibly the most important swim accessory you can take with you during training, other than your swimsuits of course. If you don’t protect your eyes in the water, it can cause irritation in your eyes and make them extremely red because of the PH levels in the pool. The PH levels that you find in pools are essential, as if it is too high, the chlorine in the water will not be able to disinfect and therefore keep the water clean. If the levels are too low, however, pipes in the pool will more than likely corrode.

With a pair of high quality swim goggles, you can enjoy the comfort of clear vision, and stay protected. There are various top named brands which provide goggles to meet all requirements. One thing to note when you are purchasing a new pair of training goggles, is to make sure you go for ones which feature anti-fog and are UV protected as this will save you quite a few issues in the pool.

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2.Swim Snorkel

speedo swimming snorkel
In our previous article, we took a look at how swim snorkels help increase speed in the water. They are crucial for developing breathing techniques which is something every swimmer, no matter what type, has to perfect in order to feel comfortable and relaxed in the water. With snorkels, it reduces the need for concentration on the breath, so you can focus your energy and concentration on improving your technique and stroke.

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3.Swim Fins

swim training fins
Using fins while swimming helps to develop your swimming technique and your overall cardio routine. You can use fins to increase your speed and enhance your posture. This is because they are able to keep your hips high in the water. Although speed and improvement of technique is one reason why swimmers use them, they have other reasons too! If you’re looking to hop on the cardiovascular train to improve your fitness, make sure you pack your swim fins in your bag. It’s no surprise that the more muscles you used in your body, the more benefits you will reap. So, whatever reason you have for purchasing swim fins, let us make the shopping a little easier with our recommendations.

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4.Swim Kickboard

swim kickboard
Kickboards are used to significantly improve user balance and buoyancy. They are able to give confidence to swimmers no matter what ability. This piece of equipment is easy to use and affordable for those looking to improve balance and correct positioning. There are many traditional kickboards that promote incorrect techniques and habits so it’s important to have a suitable kickboard in your swim bag that helps you towards your swim goals.

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5.Swim Watch

waterproof swimming watches
A swim watch is a treat for the competitive swimmers who are eager to track their own performance, and all from the wrist! Tracking your own times and stats comes in handy when it all boils down to seeing what is working and what is not. There are various waterproof swim watches available, and Swimovate is a brand that continues to deliver revolutionary watches for swimmers.

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