10 Christmas Gifts for Swimmers

We’re finally in December - the month of festivities, Christmas jumpers, mince pies, over enthusiastic Christmas caroller, amazing markets and hot chocolate. And as Andy Williams would say (or sing), it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Although we take pride in decorating our trees and making it a fun, unforgettable occasion for our family and loved ones, we understand the stress of gift buying and trying to figure out who needs and wants what.

We’ve just made Christmas shopping a little easier for those who are buying for swimmers! We’ve chosen our top 10 Christmas gifts for swimmers that we’re confident they’ll love. And if it’s not something they want, it’ll be something they need. Shall we take a look? Let’s go.

mailsports christmas

1. Anti-Fog Goggles

Foggy goggles are a frustration every type of swimmer has experienced and disrupted vision doesn’t help the swim, at all. Anti-fog goggles have a coating that makes it much harder for condensation to stick to the lenses. It’s also wise to use anti-fog spray as an extra precaution. This is sprayed on the inside of the lens, and the goggles and lenses must be washed after every swim.

Our Top Pick
Xceed Titanium Mirror – Michael Phelps

michael phelps anti fog goggles

2. Swimming Watch

There are many waterproof watches in the market, from the likes of Fitbit, Apple watches and Samsung watches that track and monitor fitness details such as heart rate, hours of sleep, calories burned etc. So, when it comes to the world of swimming, it is a question of which watch is best for this sport? Easy, meet Poolmate by Smimovate – a swim watch designed for the pool. It is able to measure and track laps, strokes, distance, speed, duration and plenty more! The perfect Christmas gift for someone looking to self-improve in the pool.

Our Top Pick
Swimovate Poolmate 2 - Black

swimovate poolmate 2 watch in black

3. Swimming Mug

There’s no confidence like self-confidence! Get a lover of swimming an awesome mug. A fun gift that is sure to make someone laugh and let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with a mug.

Our Top Pick
This Is What An Awesome Swimmer Looks Like - Mug

swimming mug gift

4.Swim Fins

Swimming fins are training tools to improve swimming experiences and develop a strong technique. With many high quality and trusted swim brands available, we know it may be hard to pick so we’ve done the hard work for you!

Our Top Pick
Arena Powerfin Pro - Gold

arena gold powerfins

5.Waterproof Headphones

Didn’t know waterproof earphones and headphones were a thing? Well, surprise! Waterproof headphones make for a great present, especially for those who love their music. For many, listening to music enhances focus, and when you’re in the pool, you need a lot of focus!

Our Top Pick
Endure In Ear Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones – By JBL

waterproof swimming earphones

6.A Spa Day

If you know of a family member or loved one that needs a bit of a break from the pool and just in general, a spa day could just be what the doctor ordered – full of comfort and luxury. We’ve managed to find last minute spa breaks available, so you get your preferred dates booked in asap! Visit spabreaks.com for more information.

7.New Training Swimsuit

Training swimsuits are of the most importance to all kinds of swimmers, whether you’re a beginner or advanced swimmer. The only way to improve technique and perform better is with the right support and only the best equipment available, this includes training equipment too! Training swimsuits are available for both men and women, you can choose from a range of top brands.

training swimsuit

8.Personalised Swim Towel

Personalised gifts are always a favourite on special occasions, especially Christmas. Plus, a personalised swim towel means they’ll have a hard time losing it! You can customise the name on the swimming towel, the colour of the towel and even the font!

Our Top Pick
Personalised Swimming Towel – Not On The High Street

personalised swimming towel

9.Your Swim Book

What better way to perfect techniques, control bad habits and be organised with your swimming schedule than with a swim book? Specifically designed to help swimmers determine goals and meet them.

You can shop the swim book here.

10.Swim Bag

Swimming bags have to be waterproof and durable to withstand what’s thrown at it. From drawstring bags to duffle bags and large backpacks, there are many options available depending on size and requirements. To make this easier for you, you can browse our full range of swim bags here. Don’t worry, our top pick is below too!

Our Top Pick
Arena Large Spiky & Poolside Bag Bundle – Variety of Colours

arena swim bag and bundle

That’s it, that’s our top 10 Christmas gifts for swim enthusiasts! If you’re looking for more Christmas gift inspiration, visit relevant links below:

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