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Speedo swimwear

Speedo Swimwear

Speedo's first collection of the year has a wide choice of product for men, women and children, in and out of the water. With new technologies, patented fabrics, stylish designs and the ability to engineer the perfect fit, the world’s leading swimwear brand introduces one of its largest ranges of new swimwear and equipment.

Speedo's exciting new Performance collection takes its inspiration from the very people the product is being created for.

Building on the phenomenal success of the world Record breaking LZR Racer Speedo have now introduced two FINA 2010 compliant ranges for the competitive swimmer. The LZR Elite and LZR Pro range both have kneeskins and costumes for females and Jammers for males. Both use the exclusive LZR Pulse fabric with the LZR Elite having bonded seams, core strength stabliser and three panel construction whereas the LZR Pro range is a stitched seamed suit using vibrant red stitching to add detail to the product. Watch out for the LZR Comp due later in 2010 which will replace the ever popular Fastskin 2 ranges and will become Speedo’s first level of race suits

In an appealing range of designs and colours, there is a great choice of clothing, aimed at swimmers aged from 8 to 24.

The swimwear is bold and bright with a wide range of different styles and colour ways for men and women.

The recent developments in swimwear technology and the fabrics used have led to a revolution in Performance Swimwear. All of which led to changes in the rules applicable to swimwear for 2010 onwards. In order to meet current requirements we have FINA 2010 approved Swimwear from Speedo in the form of LZR Elite and LZR Pro ranges and Fastskin; Maru Performance Range includes the Maru MX1; Diana includes the Diana Submarine; there is also the Blue Seventy Nero TX and the Arena Powerskin and R-Evolution whilst from TYR there is both Fushion and Tracer Light.

Whatever your ability and budget we have Performance Swimwear that is right for you. If in doubt call us on 01628 529206 to discuss what is right for you.

SPEEDO junior  Allover  Jammer Print 16
SPEEDO men  Allover Digital Panel Jammer

SPEEDO women  Allover Leaderback Print 4
SPEEDO men  Allover V Panel Jammer print 4
SPEEDO accessories  Blue Luchadore printed silicone cap
one size

SPEEDO goggles  Fastskin Elite Junior Mirror Goggle Offer

SPEEDO performance  FastSkin Pro Junior Jammer Offer

SPEEDO women  Premiere Sculpt 1 Piece

SPEEDO junior  Sport Splice 16
SPEEDO triathlon 2013 Tri-Comp Female Wetsuit Xmas Offer

SPEEDO triathlon 2013 Tri-Event Male Wetsuit Xmas Offer

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advanced swimming technology

The men's styles are equally varied with swimmers able to choose from a number of contrasting designs in traditional trunks, aquashorts for the Daniel Craig look or the ever popular jammers or Fastskin FSII body suits. All utilise the very latest technology and are favoured by some of the world’s top swimmers.

Much of the product features Endurance®+, a chlorine resistant fabric exclusive to Speedo. 

With the technological benefits of this unique fabric including quick drying, improved snagging resistance, improved fit, brighter colours and excellent comfort and fit.
Enrichment is the well being collection for Season 1/2010, using the unique Sculpture™ fabric, exclusive to Speedo. Featuring styles and a colour palette that are designed to not only look good but offer maximum comfort and control, this luxurious range is inspired by the spa. 

The product is classic and simple in style yet, combined with Speedo’s trademark Sculpture fabric, it offers superior shape and support, flattering the body and providing the ultimate in comfort.


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